Our CEO - Michael F. Byers known as NRG.MIKE - was born and raised in Gadsden, Alabama on November 30th, 1995. Coming from a long lineage of entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, he has always had an interest in being a trailblazer himself. In grade school, Mike was suspended for selling rubber band necklaces, candy, mechanical pencils, and anything else he could make a profit from. Fashion has always been something that came naturally, it was never thought of as something to do as a full time job. Before creating his own brand, he got his start selling custom t shirts, the latest shoes, & the best pieces from the top luxury brands. 

"I've always loved being the freshest in the room, how I dress introduces me to you before I have to say a word."

It wasn't until college that Mike started realizing there could be a future in fashion for him. After tiring himself out making custom apparel for other brands and events, he decided to drop his first apparel line "DAB Couture" (Dream Above and Beyond Couture). With this being hot during the Dabbing trend, Mike was thinking of a brand name and concept that could live forever, one worded, and has and infinite potential for growth. There has been about 5 past brands before finally coming up with energy.