Our mission is to give a deeper sense of connection to the mind, body, and spirit. As humans, we are all energetic instruments. Instruments of the mind.  Our mental belief systems are built on our personal experiences with the capabilities to change through habit. We are the brand to give understanding every experience is working for our greater good whether that be a positive or negative. Regardless of who or what you believe i we can all agree there is a higher power that can work in our favor.

In short, we aim to give you new perspective.

We highlight our take on the meaning of light and color. For instance, If you shine a red light into a room that color changes the entire energy on the room. Red lights calm or tire & relaxes you. Certain blue light ambiances give you energy and help you stay awake. So every color has its own way of influencing us, and our perspective. Spiritually, colors are symbols self understanding and connection.

Through the chakras.

Red is the Root or foundation or “I AM” trusting self. Our feet. Blocked by fear. Financial independence, what we eat

Orange is the sacral Chakra located in the lower abdomen, our sexuality, creativity, and accepting new experiences.

Essentially to show that we grow in phases to reach the ultimate understanding and connection to ourselves or Crown chakra - connection to the devine.